Auto Logout


Continuing the discussion from Android fingerprint login:

@Davina_rightgig raises a good question… how long does the app stay logged in when you’ve left the app, before you need to enter a password/Touch ID.

The answer is that it stays for 30 seconds. This allows you to copy details to/from the app or manage tasks without the need to keep entering your password/TouchID/FaceID. It can’t be changed currently.


Just noticed this myself, and was about to post about it, but it seems intended.
I agree, that switching between apps, or pressing home to get to another app, there should be a delay like this as I have often used it to get the card number when shopping online. (although the ability to copy the card number from the card page would be awesome!!)
However, when I press back, it says “press back to exit the app”, to me that sounds as though it will have logged me out, as it does say exit the app, however I am still logged in for half a minute.

Any thoughts?