Auto complete account details of contacts on Starling


I have friends with starling accounts, but their account details are not auto populated when I search add a payee? Surely Starling should do this automatically as happens in Revolut, where any of my contacts who also have an account show up at the top of the list, and I can transfer then money without having to add their account details. I’m not entirely sure why you need a list of my contacts if the app does nothing with that information except to remind me of the names of my friends…


Wouldn’t it be a privacy violation even to tell you the person has an account with starling?


Totally agree. The community has long since bring this feature up again and again to Starling, but have yet to heard from them. It would not be a privacy violation when the users have a choice to opt in or not, like Monzo’s Pay with Friends.


I can’t see how it would be a privacy violation. You could opt in if that was the case, and this is a standard feature in a number of other accounts already. I don’t understand why starling accesses all my contacts and does nothing with the information.


Not if it was done on an opt-in basis.


This would be a feature I can’t wait to see occur. Probably the only thing that makes my mates choose Monzo instead