Authentication - Password vs Face ID



Ok, I’m a newbie to Starling and have another question :thinking:

I use IOS with Face ID to open the app.

Why do I have to then input my password to add payments etc?

Is my ugly mug not good (secure) enough?

Cheers all :+1:


As far as I know, entering a password for payments is an added layer of security for all customers including those who don’t have Face ID and use passwords/touch ID to open the app :slightly_smiling_face:


No idea, the password is annoying as hell, its been discussed loads, but so far Starling won’t budge on that.


For comparison, Monzo ask for your cards PIN.

I do prefer the PIN method!


I’d imagine it’s a huge job to change something like that.


Agreed Nick, I wish Starling would use this method.


I think monzo just enabled fingerprint for payments instead