Attach receipts


I would like to be able to attach receipts to transactions, is this something you are looking at?

Attach an image of a receipt to a transaction
Companies and/or features that we would like to see on Starling API
Attach an image of a receipt to a transaction

Definitely rated by many elsewhere as a real positive feature. If we adopt it, alongside other transaction-related ideas (splitting bills, springs to mind :smile:) this account of ours will be a true market leader.

Let’s do it…


Absolutely! does no-one else agree with us??


I do too :slight_smile:
But would like receipts to be stored server-side, not locally in the app where they are at risk of loss…


Definitely server-side


Definitely a very useful feature to have, as well as adding notes to transactions :smirk: Really hope all of that comes to live before M fully launches.


i would agree! i like having the ability to upload pictures of reciepts but i dont want them stored locally on my device, i dont like going through photos on my phone and reciepts are coming up! :astonished:


Good point, @Alexander - and there it is - the M word.

Starling has its very own thread on the Monzo site. That’s says a lot about how this bank is regarded. In fact Monzo’s very own CEO sees us as the other big boy in town and as the challenger bank to be measured against.

So I’m increasingly looking over the fence at where ‘M’ is going and noticing that the conversations on our forum around features and ideas are becoming every bit as exciting as M’s, even though our forum is about 18 months or so younger.
How exciting is that :+1:??


Exactly, @Graham. Exciting enough to switch an account from Lloyds without furter due. Let’s see what happens down the road. Input is useful, but implementation, it’s speed and quality, that will tell everything :slight_smile: First to market advantage (full current account) will soon fade away and then will come the exciting times :relieved:


Yep. I’ve done the same with Santander. :grin:
Good times ahead eh?


I switched from Nationwide (account still open) to Starling. Nationwide are great in many ways, but for me I believe in Starling’s commitment to helping people have a healthier financial life.

I have been following Starling since the beginning and really pleased with how they listen and take on feedback, and implement changes where they can.

@Graham as you say, there is lots of talk about Starling on the Monzo community!


Please Please , this is a great feature and one that would be amazing to have . I just spotted Monzo and they offer this service so it can be done


Would definitely be great if we could get the ability to add receipts or even text notes to transactions.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what each transaction is for (if I’m paying back a friend, for example).


Do we know when we might get this @sarah.guha


This is something we’re looking in to, but don’t have a date for quite yet. Watch this space! :smiley:


This would be a fanstastic addition to the app, be very handy for expense claims.


Also the ability to add notes to individual transactions. I have to pay a lot of expenses for work, the ability to add a note to them to remind me exactly what the expenses were for would be a life saver.


Working on it @Spencer_Luxford


Thanks James.


Gret idea @Joe_Merriman Thinking in a wider ‘where’s the value’ for Starling users, certainly for those who need receipts for company expenses, having this feature and the ability to ‘plug’ into your company’s expense tool would be awesome…and save on data/ storage costs.