ATM reporting


Atm withdrawls do not report the bank branch they came from. And the location, for me, is reported as Northampton, but I live in London.

Any bank statement should be able to show the exact branch and ATM id used.


Same for me, either they don’t report location or say Northampton


Hi both!

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve done a lot of work on merchant categorisation over the last few weeks, but sadly it’s not easy to get it right every time. We’re aware that a large number of ATMs are currently showing incorrect locations but we’re trying hard to sort them out.

Part of the problem is that the data we get from the card network isn’t aways reliable. If we have a number of transactions that all look like they’re at the same ATM, we try to map them all the same merchant entry in our system. Unfortunately we sometimes group them under the wrong location and hence we show the wrong map.

We’re constantly evolving and improving our merchant system, so the quality of the data will improve as the system becomes more sophisticated. As we fix the historic transaction data, the updates will be reflected on the transaction summary page in your app.



And for me… Tesco and Sainsbury’s ATMs both as Barclaycard in Northampton


Why not have the option to edit locations as needed? Mine are mostly always wrong


Just to reirerate, all my ATM transactions are reported as in Northampton (not some but all).

I don’t think Merchant categorisation has anything to do with ATM locations. ATM data will come through the link network and will have an ATM id attached.


Starling are not part of the LINK network and will only work on ATMs displaying the MasterCard logo.


Just used a metro bank cash point and it worked. As well it didn’t warn me about a charge.


I withdrew from an ATM for the first time on 25th August, although it was the second attempt - the first ATM was a Link only machine so declined my card. This transaction took 4 days to change from pending - although it was bank holiday weekend so no surprise I guess. However, now it is complete, this is the only data I have:

Hate to say it this is completely useless. As it happens I can’t remember the exact ATM I used - I was in the town centre and it declined at the first machine so I used another - but it would have been a mainstream bank machine.

Obviously I know I withdrew the cash so there’s no real issue - but long term for tracking transactions this is useless - even with my legacy bank it would ave said who’s machine it was on my statement.


I withdrew £50 from a local cash point. The transaction didn’t mention the bank, branch and the location was for somewhere in Northampton!?

When I withdrew money from this cash point with my old legacy bank, even they had the branch (Nationwide) on the statement!

As mentioned, it was a Nationwide bank.

The address for this branch is : 4 Wallington Square, Woodcote Rd, Wallington SM6 8RP

The Google Map link is :

Can my transaction be updated please. Thank you.


Starling, any news on this topic and the concerns raised in it?? Also, any possibility of amending my cash point withdrawal with the information I supplied with my last post? Thanks.


Probably a daft question Spencer, but did you report this to CS?


Yes Graham, I did report it to CS. I’ve reported it on two separate occasions now, Have not noticed any changes though. My ATM withdrawals are still the same.


OK. I asked only because I’ve seen your points made in this thread.

I’ve noticed several occasions when customers have effectively raised individual account problems here only, and not directly with CS.

Hope you get sorted soon.



I looked up the above address, and apparently it’s Barclaycard House.

Anyway, mine was also a Nationwide ATM.

Mount Pleasant


Hi @sarah.guha. Just wondered if there’s any progress on the issue of ATM transactions showing up as 1234 Pavilion Dr, Northampton (Barclaycard House)? The initial withdrawal I’d reported above still shows as Northampton, and I just made another withdrawal on Tuesday (at a totally different cashpoint), and this shows up exactly the same :thinking:


Just for the record (if one is being kept) I’ve just had my very first ATM declined issue with Starling.

It was at a Co-op Bank branded ATM (outside an actual Co-op Bank Branch in Exeter) and the error I got was ‘Sorry - this card has not been recognised’.

That’s the first time I had a problem with my card. It wasn’t really that much of an issue for me as there were other banks and ATM’s very close by but thought it was strange for an ATM from a semi-large bank to just completely fail with it.


That’s disappointing. You would certainly expect it to work.

Could you report this to CS in-app as well please. :slight_smile:


@Stephen_Clifford I’d assume it’s a LINK only machine? I have one in the M&S at work that’s managed by HSBC/M&S Bank that’s LINK only.


Ah yes - you’re right. I walked past this machine today and checked and it does say it’s Visa and Link only - no sign of Mastercard.

I hadn’t even thought about that - as it’s so unusual to find a machine that doesn’t support Mastercard at all.