ATM Limit - Set in the App?


Having done a quick search here on the community site, I can see that there have been a few threads around ATM Limits.

So apologies if this has been covered and I haven’t found it.

I wanted to know if there were any plans to look at increasing the ATM withdraw limit about £300?

Given the excellent Card Security controls in the App, perhaps it could be a slider option (similar to the Overdraft feature), under the Enable for ATM?

Whilst I don’t use cash much in the UK, when travelling, £300 is a bit low. Often there are local ATM fees per transaction. So the more you can withdraw in one go, the better.

My understanding is that he limit is there to reduce the risk from a Card being stolen.

So giving the customer the option to set their limit when they enable the card for ATM use, would seem sensible.

Perhaps you could even time limit it? So I set my limit up to £500, but it reverts back to £300 (or less) after an hour. Or resets the next day?

Just some thoughts on something which would help me whilst using my Starling Account abroad.



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