ATM charge


I used a cash machine at a festival over the weekend. It was literally a transit van parked in a field with 4 ATMs mounted in the sides (2 either side) - it said on the screen that it (the machine) would charge me £1.99 for a withdrawal. No other option so I used it anyway.

The cash has come out of my account but so far, no charge. Has something weird gone on? Have I got away with it?


That’s odd, AFAIK, when a cash machine charges you; it adds its charge to your cash withdrawal, it doesn’t make a separate transaction so my understanding is yes, you got away with that.

Happy to be corrected though!


I had something similar happen when withdrawing money from a Casino, was £1.99 charge but only £20 showed up on Starling (This was months ago). I’ll see if I can find the transaction, don’t remember it coming out. Would be interesting to know.


… and who said that the house always wins!? :wink:


I’m not sure how ATM withdrawals work from vans of of they are transactions that need to clear out not. Could it be that is yet to clear and when it does the correct amount will go out?


It’s not listed as pending anymore. It looks like it’s a completed transaction.

I’m assuming the ATM had a data connection via the mobile network. I got the notification instantly.

As @Bmacrow said - I thought it would just add it so that it looked like I’d withdrawn £21.99. But nope, only £20 has been claimed so far.


Hi @Pipefish

With any luck you’ve got the registration number of the van. If so, you’re in a great position to somehow track him down and cough up the £1.99.

Good luck…:grin: