ATM Card Declined


I tried to withdraw cash on Coventry building society ATM but my card was declined - Card not supported. Same on Morrisons pay at pump. Sainsbury’s cash machine informed me twice that card issuer may charge me for cash withdrawals. But I got my money… in transactions - Barclaycard in Northampton :confused: (wrong location)

Card rejected at Asda ATM before PIN
Debit card didn't work at ATM today (SadFace)

Morrisons pay at pump is coming soon I believe :+1:

Sainsburys ATM seem to be a problem for me. Declined twice even though I had £500 available which is very odd

I’ve reported it too Starling anyhow :sunglasses:


Sainsbury’s also decline Revolut cards. Perhaps Starling and Revolut use the same back-end card processor (GPS).
One of the questions I had about Starling was over this - will Starling cards work offline like ‘real’ debit cards - that is, will they work at toll booths, on planes, pay at pump etc?


It’s a full bank, not pre-paid so can’t see why they wouldn’t allow/support pay at pumps. Apparently they are working with Morrisons to get it working, maybe a member of staff can confirm this :credit_card:


I have had declines from Cashzone machines in Co-op stores. In my local machine it worked the second time i tried but at another Cashzone machine it just kept rejecting so I had to go to a Lloyds machine instead.


Hi, If you experience your debit card being declined please let our customer service team via the app. We are aware of the Morrisons pay at pump support and Cashzone and we are working with both companies to ensure support.

Your Starling card is a debit card and will therefore work offline. When you pay offline though the transaction is often processed at a later point by the merchant and so you might find the transaction appears on your feed a day later and you might not receive a notification at the point of payment. This is much like how TFL transactions are handled.


Any chance you can get ATM to not ask which language we would like and that we might be charged by the issuer warnings?


Hi, thanks for flagging the incorrect map location, we are working on the accuracy of our map locations currently, in particular ATMs.


When I queried this with support a month or so ago, i was told it was down to the PAN number belonging to an old PrePaid Card range, as I believe MasterCard are running out of ranges to use, so are reusing old ones, and that some merchants havent updated their databases yet.

I know my card works in Tesco pay at pump…


The issue with Morrisons pay at pump is being looked into by Mastercard on our behalf and we expect an update or resolution soon. Any problems with Asda pay at pump and Tesco pay at pump will also be resolved through this investigation.

We are aware that a number of merchants are using old BIN range tables that do not include our card number and therefore transactions using Starling cards are being declined. To resolve this issue the acquirers need to update there BIN range tables. We have been working with Mastercard to resolve these issues on a case by case basis. If you experience a transaction decline which is unexpected please continue to report these to our CS team so they are captured and we can work with MC and the Acquirers to resolve them.


On a similar topic - thought people might be interested to know - got my new starling card last week but was disappointed when it was promptly declined in Costco :frowning:

Starling support were great and explained was a BIN number issue but I also contacted Costco customer services and as a result of my contact they updated their BIN number database. I returned tonight and my card was accepted - result!!!


Still not accepted at CostCo pay at pump, tried last night and it just spits the card back out, goes to try and do card validation and then errors and prints out a long reciept saying cancelled…

I did log this with Customer Support when i first opened my account… and to be fair Starling Support have been awesome with every decline ive contacted them about, and even come back to me with an update every time, a few days later…


Yes I was declined at pay at Pump also at Costco Oldham. Have reported to Costco. But it still worked inside the store last night.


Costco now advise me they have updated their petrol pumps as of today. I don’t know whether this applies just to my local store - Oldham - or to all stores.


Cool will try at Sheffield :slight_smile:


Still doesn’t work at Costco Sheffield


@Jon I’ve used it at CashZone ATM no issues at all… But it did ask tons of questions that it doesn’t ask other users… Such as language selection and saying my bank may charge me to withdrawal (of course it didn’t)


Had issues with using the post office to withdraw cash today after recently joining Starling, also had issues using sky bet and ladbrokes (sky bet won’t accept the card, ladbrokes stating payment cancelled by card issuer), reported the earlier two… day one of my card…


Have you raised this with Customer Services?


I’ve just had a failure at the M&S Bank cash machine in M&S at work; was in quite a rush so I didn’t note if it was a LINK only machine or not? I left with no cash. :frowning:

I’ve also had the issue of not being able to use my card with Sky Bet, which I logged with both Starling and Sky Bet themselves. I also couldn’t buy a ticket for my train the other day (via a SouthEastern Trains TVM) which I’ve logged with CS too.

I’m not too impressed overall with the card’s acceptability, I know this will get better but as I can’t easily travel everywhere I need to on the card I can’t even consider making a switch as my legacy bank is my only current account.

I’m finding using Starling a little bit of a drag to use these days with little problems like this that don’t exist with my legacy bank. :frowning: