ATM Alert when withdrawing cash


Cannot understand why I receive the message"your card issuer may charge for this withdrawal" would you like to proceed. I only expect that with credit cards or prepaid cards, not from a legit bank card. I know starling do not so continued but why is this message is shown in the first place.


I’m guessing it’s because Starling Cards are not part of the Link network, or the ATM can’t determine if it’s a credit or debit card. Similar to using a UK card in the US.


Does Starling have any plans to join the Link network ?


It’s because the BIN numbers in the card were previously used for a danish bank I believe which were prepaid. Which then means the banks atms have not been updated. When I used Metro bank to withdraw cash the other day is didn’t get this so would assume this has been updated. Starling aren’t part of the link network.


I hope so.


Discussed in a thread I started earlier in the year - Cash Advance fee warning message at Cashpoints

Basically machines are required to display a warning for all banks who are not part of LINK network - hence nothing can be done as long as Starling is not a part of LINK.