Are there ATM issues today?


My card has been declined twice at NW ATM, are there known issues?


NW is Nationwide or Natwest?


Same here at a eastern union cash machine.


Western sorry


NatWest. I’ve just had a notification that I withdrew £20 even though the transaction failed.


I think NatWest might be having issues, just been in to pay a cheque in, all 3 paying in machines went down after waiting 30 minutes. I hate cheques, and branches.


I withdrew cash last night and just now, both went through fine.


If it’s possible, I’d wait till after midnight when the machine should reconcile. Also it’s a good idea if possible at the time to grab any ID number on or at least the location of the machine you used.

I’d contact CS if you haven’t had it back by sometime tomorrow.

I’m not a cash machine expert; this was the advice I was told to relay on to a guest at work complaining about one of the ATM’s a few weeks back.


If you get a receipt slip with “transaction failed” on it that may have a machine ID code and the exact time the failure occurred.


Hi folks! Sorry about that - it seems as though we’ve had a small amount of card declines at ATMs for a few minutes in the past hour but all is working again now. Thanks!


Can your share what happened @JamesPratley?


Why does your status page not reflect that at all?