Approx 1,500 Cash machines to close


Cardtronics, the UK’s biggest independent cash machine operator, is planning to cut back its network because of a shake-up in the industry.

The company operates about 20,000 machines in the UK, mostly in pubs, local shops and garage forecourts.

Cardtronics UK would not confirm the number of machines affected, but it has been reported to be almost 1,500.

In a statement, Cardtronics UK said: “We can confirm that there are specific plans to close some of our machines due to the prospect of lower Link interchange payments as early as next year…”


If this happens, I won’t miss cash machines in shops or garage, as long as I can find one in s high street or outside a supermarket that will be fine


I never used ATMs in such locations as they usually charged. I don’t know whether that’s still the case?


I only use the high street machines, I do think they charge in shops etc from what I’ve heard


Yes, charging normally between £1.75-£1.99


You are lucky if you have a choice. We had an ATM stolen from the wall of a Post Office and an ATM from inside a SPAR shop. We now only have one ATM (a Cashzone ATM) in our town, and when that is broken you would need to get a bus to the nearest town to get to an ATM though the bus only takes cash (Catch 22).


@MIROW bus only takes cash?
In London they won’t take cash !


Yes. I changed from a cashless lifestyle in London to living in sleepy Essex where things move slower and the locals think, walk and talk slower :wink: Here shops either have a minimum card spend or don’t take cards at all. Busses are cash only if you are working age, no contactless card payments here, but pensioners out and about visiting National Trust tearooms etc travel without cash with a contactless pensioners travel pass.


And they say “The only way is Essex”.

Obviously not :flushed:


Ha ha … one comes from Hampstead rather than Essex … but still got the joke :wink:


Actually, I’ve noticed more and more cash machines in local shops have started to offer their services for free now. Maybe it’s dependent on the area you’re in and what other facilities there are but here in Exeter I’ve seen 3 or 4 cash machines in corner shops that I assumed there was a charge for - and then notice that actually it’s free to take cash out (although I saw another cash machine that looked fairly substantial outside a shop - and that one charged £2.50 per withdrawal but that was the only cash machine available in the food and drink area of the city).

Maybe it depends on competition. Where I used to live there were 3 Cornershops/Newsagents very close together - all three had cash machines but two were free and the 3rd shop charged. The 3rd shop was never as busy as the other two.