Apple Watch app


Smart watches are not designed to complete full on actions as you would with smartphones. They’re there for quick notifications, and provide you with simple and relevant information when needed.


I guess it’s more about just being able to quickly see your balance from your wrist rather than spend notifications as they already appear.


I have just joined and posted a suggestion for something similar to this (maybe more specific in what I wanted) but guess this topic pretty much encloses my suggestion as it’s part of the Apple Watch App. :slight_smile:


If only!


Hi @sarah.guha any news on an Apple Watch app please?


Hi @trevorp - we did a prototype earlier in the year for the apple watch, but we are not currently working on delivering this. I’ll update you when we do pick it up again.


Thanks @sarah.guha are you able to share what didn’t work for Starling/Customers as you got to the prototype stage but didn’t continue? For me with the Starling App on my iPhone an Apple Watch App seems a natural fit.


We did a proof of concept, but haven’t yet put this into it customers hands. I’ll add it to our list to prioritise in the new year.


That would be amazing @sarah.guha, but I am sure there are lots of higher priorities on the list. I am happy just knowing it will be on a list somewhere for the future. :clap:


I’m considering another Apple Watch, so would welcome the app to support this. I most want it for Apple Pay.


Hi @Joe_Merriman My Starling Card works perfectly with Apple Pay on my Apple Watch. I was more looking for the App to show a balance/Pulse screen and let you transfer money to/from Goals etc.


:man_facepalming:t2: I should have known this, it’s been a long day! Yeah it’s a good idea, let’s see what happens


Just wanted to add my +1 to the watch app feature request.

I just moved from the android ecosystem to iOS and it would be wicked to be able to glance at my balance on watch!


Totally think this would be excellent. It would create yet another plus over Monzo who seem no closer to supporting Apple Pay let alone the Apple Watch app!


Another +1 for an Apple Watch app. Particularly as all my notifications come though there, it’d be good to have more control over them. Currently it’s the default, so it could be anything and I have to constantly check.


Totally agree with this!


+1 for this!!


A Settle-up QR code would be great on Watch too