Apple Watch app


The Starling team have mentioned that as Apple Pay is fast approaching, we would be able to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch. This is great!

Is Starling planning to create an app for the Apple Watch?

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If I get another Apple Watch, I’d very much like this :smile:


I’m toying with getting an Apple watch but I’m struggling with which model. Any ideas?


I had one when it very first launched and I returned it if I’m honest (lack of apps) that has since changed now however. The Nike one looks awesome, I love the bands! :watch:


So there are iOS watches as good as Apple’s offerings?



Aha thanks Joe. Looks like another of those late night spending expeditions. :smirk:


Do it, treat yourself :wink:


Best to wait till September. They may release a new version. I’ve been holding back for a few months because of this


There’s the Nike lab bone. Aesthetically pleasing :smirk:


I’m eagerly awaiting the next iPhone… my starling card is @ the ready! :speak_no_evil:


Right then. I think we’ll be reviving this little thread in a month or two. :grin:


Even if it only showed me my balance I’d be happy.


Similar to Tesco bank. They got ‘Balance Peak’. I guess that’s all you need to use on a watch app.


Would love a watch app


If they made an Apple Watch version, they should make an Android Wear version just for fairness!


Absolutley, android wear should be included too! I don’t know how starling works exactly but I imagine they follow demand :wink:


I’m sure it won’t be long before 3rd party apps for iOS/Android begin to appear, supporting Starling and others. Creating an app which displays your Starling balance on your watch would be quite a simple task for a developer, using the Starling API.

I saw another thread on here from someone wanting a desktop banking experience from Starling. While I don’t personally want a desktop banking option, there is no reason why a 3rd party developer can’t make one using the API. Or even apps for Mac and Windows.

I’m sure Starling will offer most of the features we want, but anything they choose not to offer, I am sure others will step in, using the Starling API.

Exciting times ahead!


Mobile and desktop banking? Next up we’ll have our crypto wallets on Starling too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there any need for a watch specific app? I have a Fenix 3 HR (gave up on smartwatches a long time ago) and whenever I get a notification on my Pixel XL I get a notification on my watch. The screen size restricts what you can do anyway?