Apple Pay Touch ID Bug


Could someone else test this to confirm whether it’s a bug…

1: Open Apple Wallet app.

2: Tap your Starling card.

3: Tap the tiny Starling logo at the bottom left.

Has Touch ID now been disabled in the Starling app? If so, you will need to use your PIN to login to the Starling app and then re-enable Touch ID?

Seems to happen every time for me.


Yep, same here. It’s asking me to create an app passcode. If I close the app through the multitasking view and go back to it I get the app back without any passcode nor Touch ID prompt (but I explicitly disabled touch ID so it’s expected).


You can go back into the App, and turn back on touchID,

I have done exactly that.


Well personally I actually like it without Touch ID - it’s a bit of a hassle to unlock your phone and your Starling app.


It still asks me for Touch ID when I do this.


Thanks for this, it does appear to be a bug. I’ll get this raised on our side.


The community is great for hunting them bugs :smiley:


This didn’t happen for me. I don’t know if the new 0.30 fixed it?


This bug still exists on 0.30.0 for me.


Running 0.30.0 on iOS 10. If the Starling app is open then tapping the little icon loads the app just fine. However, if I force-quit the app and then open it up through the Wallet app, it asks for my code rather than Touch ID.


and for me on iOS11 dev b6


Confirm on iOS11dev b6


Just to clarify, my original bug report would have been for app version 0.26.6 on iOS 10.

There have been 4 Starling app updates on iOS since…

I guess it’s the kind of bug most people would never notice, so it’s a low priority. :slight_smile: