Apple Pay top up - Stripe?!


I topped up Starling card yesterday for £50… using Apple Pay…

In transactions - Stripe?!

Confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ah - interesting.

Stripe is the ‘back-end’ 3rd party service provider that Apple use for payments.

There was this feature on BBC News yesterday about ‘the worlds youngest self-made Billionaire’ that co-founded Stripe with his (older) brother (who’s the world’s 3rd youngest self-made Billionaire…)

However pretty sure that’s a bug somewhere between Apple and Starling as you shouldn’t be seeing Stripe on your account…


Thanks for flagging this to us, we’ll take a look on our side. @Stephen_Clifford is correct that Stripe are the payment processor in this case.

@Mogolent can you confirm where you have taken the second screenshot from? Is this from your other bank accounts app? Which bank is that?



Hello. Thanks for reply!
Yes. It’s from Nationwide Mobile application.
Same happened yesterday.


Ok thanks for letting us know. My instinct is that this is something to do with Nationwide/Apple Pay and not us but we’re taking a look. It’s not occurring on HSBC for example.


Checked previous Apple Pay Top Ups from Nationwide… before 10 Nov - STARLING BANK LIMITED after 10 Nov - Stripe…


I’m with Nationwide and my statement also says Stripe. Only been a Starling member since Sunday so can’t comment on how it used to display.


I’m with TSB Bank and in my TSB statement is Stripe aswell. Topped up via debit card.


Hi all, We believe this something that Stripe has changed and we have logged it with them to be corrected. I will update you when we have an update.


Hello. Has been fixed :ok_hand:t2: New top up says - STARLING BANK LIMITED :+1:t2:


Thanks, I haven’t had this confirmed by Stripe yet and so I will confirm when I do hear back.


Stripe have confirmed this is now resolved :slight_smile: