Apple Pay Top Up Limit


I can’t find the answer.
Why does Starling have a £250 limit? Monzo for example goes higher.
Tried chat but they can’t help.
@sarah.guha can you help?


Hi @Drew58 - the £250 top up limit only applies to topping up using a debit card or a debit card via Apple Pay, if you want to transfer larger amounts to your Starling account you can use your account number and sort code and transfer a one-off or recurring payment from another bank account. This way, you don’t need to keep making card payments to add money to your account - it’s all set up to transfer automatically each month.


Thanks Sarah. Using Apple Pay is so much quicker and user friendly than FPS. I just wonder why Monzo for example allows a much higher rate.


Hi. I’m new to Starling. Just registered. But my daily top up limit using a debit card or Apple Pay is actually only £50. Will this rise to £250 daily limit with time?


Welcome to Starling @Mark_Grech!
Once your account verification is complete, your limit will increase.
This should happen today, and you’ll receive a notification too!


It costs Starling a lot of money having card top ups, maybe 1% on all transactions, so it is preferable to send money by FPS to keep the bank’s costs down. Maybe Apple Pay tops ups cost as much as card top ups?


Probably more, since Apple also wants to make money for each transaction.
Also, Monzo has now introduced a £100-per-topup limit to reduce costs, hoping that customers do a bank transfer instead.