Apple pay terms & conditions font


First of all congrats for the Apple Pay launch, I’m really excited to try it.

I just noticed a little issue when the terms and conditions are presented - the font is quite ugly and definitely doesn’t fit into the Starling experience. It feels like the terms and conditions is actually a web view, in this case would it be possible to add some styling to it so it uses the same font as the Starling app?


Hi @Rjevski - I’m afraid we cannot control that, when you choose to add your card to wallet the app actually launches Apple’s SDK (software development kit) which is why the screens don’t use Starling’s brand and fonts. Using SDKs means the experience is standardised by Apple which I think it what they want to achieve.


The app uses an Apple API to display the screen but it definitely provides the text for it to display, and again I’m pretty sure this is a web view and so you can customise its appearance. If this was really an Apple-controlled view they would definitely not be using Times New Roman as their font of choice.

I know it’s not a high priority but would you be able to get back to your developers and have them double check this? I’ve tried looking up documentation but unfortunately all card-issuer related stuff is hidden behind a contact us link.


Happy to check (and I could be wrong). Might not be high priority but we do want the experience to be a good one!


I don’t want to remove and re-add my credit card as I would lose my transaction history in Apple Wallet, so I just added the Boon card. Sure enough, the font used is Times Roman; but clearly it’s possible to add some text attributes as the issuer’s name is in bold text as per below:

No idea whether that helps any…?


Definitely seems like an web view. The “Wirecard” in bold is most likely a <strong> HTML tag which by default is displayed in bold. Times New Roman is also commonly used as a fallback font if the browser can’t load the CSS stylesheet of the page - most likely in both cases there’s a stylesheet that’s supposed to make it look nice but it’s not getting loaded. Unfortunately the documentation for this “Add to Apple pay” feature is behind “contact us” so I can’t try it out myself.