✅ Apple Pay support coming soon


We’ve had a lot of people ask us whether we’re supporting Apple Pay - good news we are currently testing (hence the wallet compatibility of our latest release), hoping to support Apple Pay by late July, so keep an eye on social or here for further updates.

What features can you expect next from Starling?

awesome! does this include watch support?


Yes absolutely, you’ll be able to use your card with Apple Pay on your Apple watch.

What features can you expect next from Starling?

You might want to include this in your blog post. You mentioned it in the first part then no further information. Glad to see it’s not far off.


Glad it’s very soon! I miss Apple Pay after switching from Lloyds


Will Android Pay be part of this same launch?


Good news, Android Pay will follow shortly after.



I can wait for Apple Pay to go live, it will compliment the already existing excellent service.


Awesome, can’t wait!


Any mention of Samsung Pay or Android Pay, or will Starling always have Android lagging behind their iPhone developments?


We’re committed to feature parity between iOS and Android, so it definitely won’t be too much of a wait for Android Pay. Our Android app has recently had some updates that it may even be edging ever so slightly ahead right now :relieved: This time though, we’ll support digital wallets for iOS users first.

Android Pay integration

Thanks for your reply


Does digital wallets = Apple Pay or is this another feature I’ve not heard of?


Yes, digital wallets refer to products such as Apple and Android pay.


Hi. So why Starling app supports Wallet already? You can check Apple App Store… but no Apple Pay support


I think you’ll find @Mogolent the wallet feature refers to Starling supporting Apple Pay and Android Pay in the near distant future not at the present time.


That’s right. As we’re currently testing, our app build is wallet compatible, but we haven’t yet rolled out support for Apple Pay.


Great news! Something I’m looking forward to. I use Apple Pay more than I use physical cards as it’s more convenient for me. Thanks Starling!


I’m super looking forward to Apple Pay!


Android Pay support is the biggest thing I miss from my Starling card.