Apple Pay possible bug


As I was using the apple pay contactless, I realised that that I was able to tap my iPhone to the card reader on the bus without having to have my finger on the home button, just wondering is that a glitch with Starling’s apple pay, or is it my phone?

I may try it with another card and see if its the same issue


Would be your phone … are you 100% sure you didn’t have a finger on the home button for even a slip second as once registered the card will stay active for a minute (or until actually used)


If you bring up the Wallet screen (double clicking the home button when locked) and select your card then touch the TouchID the pic under the card will change from a finger print with “Pay with Touch ID” to a iphone icon tilting away and back and the msg “Hold Near Reader to Pay”. At this point you can pass the phone to someone else to pay (that one time). I suspect that’s what you did as the Touch ID is so quick and sensitive I normally trigger it just opening the window. :slight_smile:


you may be right, come to think of it, I got the wallet screen up touched it and then didn’t have my finger over the home button but just tapped and it still worked

I was thinking it was necessary to have the finger on the home button for payments to be successful, guess that might not be the case,

But will give it a try on the way home and report back tomorrow


yes card was active i think, but I was thinking I would need to hold my finger over the home button for the payment but it wasnt the case, so you may be right that once touched once it stays active for 1 minute

will check it out on the way home


You can see it now by just locking your iPhone, then double clicking the home button and quickly moving it off and you will see the fingerprint icon. Then touch the Touch ID and it will change to a tap phone icon. :wink: You don’t need a payment point to get that up.


Card stays active for a minute once TouchID is complete. Handy for ‘pre-arming’ before getting to a ticket barrier


You were right, thanks for the advice, all tested yesterday and this morning


You were right, thanks for the advice, all tested yesterday and this morning…


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how do I mark it solved?


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thanks a lot… and also for the quick responses

much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: