Apple Pay - personal vs joint



I have had a personal account since the very beginning, and I recently opened a joint account with my partner.

Whilst I am excited about the new teal cards, it doesn’t seem to address the slight issue of distinguishing between the two in Apple Pay.

Will there be a visual way to tell them apart (other than the 4 digits, which I could easily miss) - whether you have purple or teal cards? Or will I simply have to wait until I hit the top of the list for teal cards, and then only change one of them?

Thanks for listening!


They are working on a different joint account card, so until they release that, there is no way to tell the difference.

I know on Android if you re-provision your personal account it changes it to Teal in Google Pay.


Yeah, that was also my understanding - was just hoping. Even if I could keep the purple physical cards and have a “virtual” teal card in Apple Pay for one of the accounts.

I currently only have my personal card in Apple Pay - might try to add the joint again tonight, and see if it shows in teal. :slight_smile:


I have only updated my personal account on Apple Pay so my joint is still the Purple version. I’m not sure how you would distinguish the two otherwise :thinking:


Just to clarify; after updating your personal card, is it still purple? And I take it you’re on iOS?

Edit: Basically, I add my joint tonight, if it shows as teal I will leave my personal as is (which is purple) - if the joint shows purple, I will try to re-add my personal hoping for teal.


Yeah, here’s my wallet.


Awesome!! That’s exactly what I’m after - last time I added my joint account they both showed purple. Thanks for confirming! :slightly_smiling_face: