Apple Pay on Apple watch


Since I joined Starling I have noticed that since putting the Starling Card in Apple Pay on my iPhone it also appears automatcally on my watch. Not a big problem, I just wondered if this is intentional or a bug? I do not normally use Apple Pay on my watch and I do realise I can remove it. Just curious.


This is an Apple thing not Starling. When you added the card (if I remember correctly) one of the questions was something about other devices (the Apple Watch being one) and though that any local Macs. If you go to the “Watch” app on your iPhone then “Wallet & Apple Pay” you can remove any cards you don’t want on there BUT if you use Apple Pay I recommend you try it on your watch. It’s WAY easier than pulling out your iPhone! :wink: I don’t go to my pocket at all now for ether my wallet OR iPhone! :smiley:

#WorldOfTomorrow! :open_mouth:

EDIT: Come to think of it the new way Starling adds cards MIGHT just add them to all your devices in one nice and easy button… Ether way you can remove it from the Watch app as I said above IF you’re SURE you don’t want to use it on your Watch!


Yes, I agree with your edit. I have Lloyds cards on my iPhone but not on my watch. If I want to put a Lloyds card on my watch I have to physically add it.


Configurable from your watch app on the phone. You can make all your cards shared or just individuals.
When I added Starling I used the Starling app to add to both.

Totally agree with @GazB on using the watch. I only carry one card now…just in case they don’t accept contactless.

I’ve had a few places say they don’t accept mobile payments even though they do contactless. I do love proving them wrong :wink:


I should be getting a gen 1 apple watch in next few days… Can anyone advise how I use apple pay on this with my starling card. I have it enabled on my iPhone.


This should help …


You just add the card to your watch from within either the Starling app or the Apple Watch app.
Cards aren’t replicated across devices, they have their own PAN created per device.


Thanks will try this out when it comes.