Apple Pay failure


I’m 100% sure this is not a Starling issue but curious to know if anyone else has experienced this at this retailer or elsewhere. It’s location specific but Lincolnshire Coop (specifically Lincolnshire coop - not the coop you find everywhere else in the UK!) accept contactless absolutely fine and Apple Pay visa but for some reason Apple Pay mastercards always get rejected. I’m assuming this is a coop issue and maybe the terminals/firmware they’re running. Really annoying though as I can’t use Apple Pay there with most of my cards! I have three MasterCards and a visa (Lloyd’s bank card on my joint account) Don’t know if anyone else has had this issue?


I have a similar issue whereby my Amex on Google Pay is always rejected at McDonald’s. I can use any other card through Google Pay or can use my Amex card contactless. Bizarre!


I would say that’s more strange as McDonald’s officially accept Apple Pay (although Amex is always a bit hit and miss in my experience in terms of where it’s accepted anyway). Lincolnshire Coop don’t officially accept it but as they have contactless terminals it does work - just not for mastercards!


On the sign at the McDonalds near me it explicitly says Apple Pay (except with Amex)


Ah, never seen that before.


This happens to me in one place but it’s a Nisa I think - do the card machines by any chance say WorldPay?

I’ve noticed some of them don’t seem to accept MasterCard via Apple Pay, although works fine via standard contactless.

It happened on both my Starling card and my HSBC credit card it accepts neither of them via Apple Pay - both are MasterCard but Apple Pay works fine on the other cards.


Not sure - I’ll have a look for world pay next time I’m in. I would be surprised if that’s the issue - World Pay are a massive company and are in loads of places so I would expect to have this issue more regularly if it was a world pay issue. I’ll have a look though…


Holiday Inn Fareham also acknowledged they have issues with some Apple Pay MasterCards; I couldn’t use my Starling debit card nor Tesco credit card on their terminal via Apple Pay. The guy behind the counter said it’s common.

Tapping the physical Starling debit card on the terminal worked fine. Strange: never experienced this elsewhere (including other IHG hotels).


Interesting to know. I have a feeling it’s somethig to do with outdated firmware running on the pdq machines - I’m sure I’ve read that can cause issues


That again would be a bit strange though the shop only opened a few weeks ago


That would be strange - I’m probably wrong in that case!! It seems a weird problem


That’s strange as you would think all MacDonald s would be the same, I’ve never had an issue with Apple pay there with my amex


Hi Andy, the company I work for have the same rules for AMEX contactless (through Apple Pay or contactless card). A lot of this will be down to merchant either choosing not accept it or the card terminal running firmware programmed not to accept it.


Ah right - so it’s not that it’s old firmware but that it’s soecifically programmed firmware not to accept MasterCard. That just seems very odd that it would be programmed to accept normal contactless MasterCard and not Apple Pay MasterCard.


Some I thought were centrally owned but others franchises, if that is the case I have had issues with franchises of other brands where different franchisees had different POS installations


I had to test this for myself, so I forced myself to go to McDonalds :wink:. Apple Pay with my Amex went through instantly.


For me it’s Amex on Google Pay that doesn’t work. Only in McDonald’s!


I meant to reply to Andy :man_facepalming:t3:


My amex with Google pay always works. Weird


Ah, I thought it was Amex policy or something. I better contact them to see what’s going on!