Apple Pay Failure at Domino's


I got my card last night and added it to Apple Pay with no issues (very easy!) :slight_smile: then today I got a Dominos using their App and clicked to pay with Apple Pay but it was refused. I quickly changed to my old Halifax card and that worked fine. :frowning:

I can’t see any issues on the StatusPage so assume this is a problem with mine. Is there anything I can do? There was also no errors from the Starling App.

Dominos app + Apple Pay


Had this happen once (not Domino’s) and I was advised it was probably something about the merchants device timing out too quickly. Tried it there again since and its OK.

Others may have a better explanation…


Thanks @Graham, I will have to try it for something somewhere else to establish if Apple Pay is working. Maybe you’re right and it was just a strange Dominos timeout.


Yeah - let us know how you get on. If there are any further issues, please reach out to our customer service team. They should be able to help sort this! :slightly_smiling_face:


A “Domino’s’ timeout”.

Sounds like one of their marketing pitches :smiley::pizza::pizza:


Too true ! :joy::joy:


I had the same thing @GazB when I first added to Apple Pay. I deleted/re-added the card and seemed to work fine. However, to be sure, and purely in the interest of a all pulling together to solve this, I’m going to order a dominos tonight with Apple Pay :yum::yum:


@Chappers78 thank you for spending the time AND your own money to check that this isn’t a Domino/Starling Apple Pay issue! :wink: :pizza:


I’ll do the same at the Bamboo House.
Taking one for the team, of course :stew:


WOW… I’m amazed at how a BANKS Forum is such a friendly and helpful group. Who knew it! :wink:

Mind you having used old school banks for so long who knew forums for banks would work! :joy:


“Starling - the Happy Bank”
(Needs some work :smirk:)…


:slight_smile: good one guys.


I just had the same issue with Dominos. I ended up using my Starling card directly.

Apple Pay seems to work fine elsewhere. It must be an issue on their side.


Not surprised that Apple Pay doesn’t work when it contains such wonderful English as “Your payment has been failed”!

Looks like their programming is a bad as their pizzas! :poop:


I fear Domino’s may have failed the “Getting a slot in the upcoming Starling Marketplace” test. :disappointed:


Haha so true! Disappointing that one store can fail on Apple Pay with one card if others work. I have used Apple Pay on my watch without issue in Tesco so I know that works.

@JamesPratley can you shead any light on why Starling’s card :credit_card: wouldn’t work on Apple Pay for Domino’s when you can use the card directly with Domino’s and also use Apple Pay with other companies? As in could it be a fault in their interface with Apple Pay or do they need to accept your bank?


Just out of interest though, has anyone confirmed that the Dominos app works with Apple Pay with a different card/bank before we assume it’s a problem with Starling?


Yes @Stephen_Clifford as mentioned I switched straight from Starling to my old Halifax account when it failed and it worked fine. :frowning:


Dominos payment system is notoriusly flakey at the best of times, even paying by Debit Card it has it moments…

Never tried Apple Pay though tbh, not with their shoddy payment system…


I’ll resist the temptation to ask about Pizza Express :disappointed: