Apple Pay Fail


Today I tried to transfer (using Apple Pay) 600 pounds to Transferwise but it was kicked back for “security reasons”. Fortunately I’m still holding on to my Nationwide account and was able to transfer the money to them and then use Apple Pay to transfer the money to Transferwise. The Starling service centre said the reason for the failure was that MasterCard have rules and that it could have been a problem with the amount, or the time or the place.
This is disappointing because I have been gradually switching stuff to Starling but now I will put any further switching on hold.


Is that what Customer Services said today? I’m sure there was another thread that stated the £500 limit on Apple Pay was lifted significantly.


It would be useful for Customer Service to give you a specific reason for the transfer failure, rather than just conjecture. That way you’d know what to do in the future.


While I really like Starling. Things like this give me pause in doing a full switch.


I didn’t know about the 500 limit. But I have successfully sent 500 on 2 previous occasions using Starling and Apple Pay. This is the first time I have tried a higher amount. Maybe the limit is still there.


I’m not sure if I understand this correctly, is it the case that Starling said on this forum that they won’t publicise what the limits are?

I’ve used RBS and FD debit cards to pay for cars costing £10,850 (in 2002 with RBS) and £13,990 (in 2015 with FD) with no issues. Monzo publishes its limits and I can only use debit card for £10,000. Obviously, Monzo does not yet have Apple Pay.

I have no idea whether I could use a Starling debit card to pay for a car, for instance. I’m suspecting not and they seem to be cagey about the numbers.

Would be useful for us all to know how much we can transfer to TransferWise.


With my legacy bank and precious banks I never ran into a payment limit. The odd times they’re concern they give you a call or text you say it’s fine and it’s done.


Yeah, pretty sure I asked and they said they would rather not, can’t remember if fraud was banded about.


Found it: Deferred Settlement - Completely Hopeless


They did, however, say that they were changing the Apple Pay process so if it was a purely online Apple Pay payment then the security limit WONT kick in at all and you should be able to make the payment.

If it’s a ‘physical’ Apple Pay payment (ie - using your phone instore), you’re supposed to just have a one-off ‘use Chip and Pin’ prompt to verify before you can then use it for higher payments.

It sounds like this wasn’t what happened. Were you trying to use this in store or online?

Maybe @sarah.guha needs to double check what’s going on again?


Online. I was trying to do a transfer to Transferwise.


Hi @keith_cresswell - Sorry to hear you had an issue. in y last post I mentioned we had already increased our online limits and the adjustment to our Apple Pay transaction limit would be planned and applied soon. That work is in progress and will likely to be pushed any day now. Unfortunately I realise this doesn’t solve for the issue you experienced but I hope this update is useful and assures you for future transactions.

I will post again once I have confirmation that this change has been released.


I wish I had been told that at the beginning. But I’m glad to hear that a solution is in the pipeline, it’s restored my confidence in Starling.



Pretty crazy that Customer Support didn’t know something so basic and gave you a generic answer like “MasterCard have rules”.

How are CS not aware of a hard limit on Apple Pay transactions? Surely this happens every day?


We’ll make sure all team members are aware.


It feels as though we’re learning as we go along. Even Starling themselves. Some of it is fundamental, one would’ve thought.


I think it’s pretty safe to say we are all on a journey here: I jumped ship to Starling back in mid-May which tells me I’ve only had an account with them for less than 7 months. Even if I had the most experienced customer service advisor working my case, he/she would only have 7 months real-world experience with Starling. Moreover, I would expect Starling are expanding at a reasonable rate, and on-boarding new team members takes time to do their initial training, and then learn the real-life experiences.

And as Joe Public, we turn to CS when we have a problem or when we need some information. As this community shows, we’re an impatient bunch and when we don’t get an immediate response we’ll post on here about our apparent poor experience. There again, when the CS gives us wrong advice, we’ll post about that.

Most other banks have been around for eons. Starling haven’t. We need to cut the team a bit of slack.

Having said all that, a delayed response is better than incorrect information. I have no issue with “Sorry Rob I don’t know, but I’ll check and get back to you in… days” rather than blurting out what feels right, and what the customer probably wants to hear. Full disclosure: I posted a concern in September which seemed to take eons to get an answer on.

Anyways, all I’m saying is I agree with you @Johnny - we are all on that journey.


Entirely reasonable, yes. I’d rather customer service we’re open and honest with customers. I expect them to say, ”I’m sorry, Johnny, I don’t know the answer to that but I will take ownership to find that answer for both of us and I’ll update you at [time]” (Your name may vary)

Honesty goes an incredibly long way, especially when customers are expecting to be shafted by a bank / big business.

Yes, we know it’s a journey. Many don’t. That’s why Starling shouldn’t bury the three references to their beta deep in their website.


I have an issue with Apple Pay top ups.


What is your issue?

Edit: I see your other post with details


I don’t have an issue. Why have you sent me this email?