Apple Pay Fail at Spire Payments Card Machine


It’s only been two weeks of using Starling on the daily basis but I have to say I’m truly impressed overall and really excited for what’s to come! :star_struck:

The only glitch I’ve run into with Starling was a few failed Apple Pay attempts with the same Spire Payments (SPc50) card machine. Has anyone else in the community had similar issues?

I’m also wondering how Starling managed to get Apple Pay integration so smoothly while Monzo and even Revolut seem to have encountered barriers to get it work with their cards? :thinking:


I can’t say I’ve had any issues with Apple Pay, it works pretty flawlessly!

One thing I have noticed though is some over-notification of my payments. As far as I can see, there’s not enough room to tweak the notifications to the point that I’ll get a push notification for a customer service message, but no notifications for spending.

The effect this has is that when I make a payment I get two notifications, one after the other, from both Apple Pay and the Starling app. I used to get this with AMEX too and it was incredible frustrating, especially when you wear an Apple Watch and you wrist has buzzed three times (once to confirm transaction, then once for each notification) within 30 seconds!


You are able to turn off Apple Pay notifications within the account settings of the Starling app. Once turned off you only get the wallet notification when using Apple Pay.


Yes, I found this a tiny bit frustrating too. I’d like to use Apple Pay notifications so that I can also enable them for my other non-Starling cards. But I don’t want to disable Starling push notifications (as @danieljcooper helpfully suggests) as then I wouldn’t know about new customer service messages.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for Apple to implement per-card notification toggles in the Wallet app - maybe more luck hoping for Starling to implement different types of notification toggles in this app?


You do know turning off Starling’s Apple Pay notifications turns off Apple Pay notifications only for the Starling card right? It doesn’t effect other Apple Pay cards.


Ah! I didn’t appreciate the nuance. So that suppresses the Apple Pay Starling notification, but not the app push notifications, right?


Correct. It doesn’t effect any other Starling notification or other cards stored in wallet.


Fantastic. Thanks both, I learned something new.


Thank’s @danieljcooper! That’s the fix I was looking for


I don’t know if it’s been said before but I would really love for Starling to incorporate the AMEX model of notifications:

All notifications are pushed through the Wallet app if the card is set up in the Wallet app.
That includes notifications about spending the card online, with the plastic card or Apple Pay. They get sent through wallet and expanding the notification or clicking through gives the Wallet ‘preview’ of the transaction with the amount. It also gives a shortcut to the Bank App for further details.
The notifications are instant and you don’t receive two separate notifications if you use Apple Pay as only the Wallet app pushes one notification through.

I just moved over to Starling and I think incorporating this model would be a huge benefit, and tighter integration into iOS is always welcome.


I love the way Amex card transactions are instantly displayed via the Google Pay app. Definitely +1 from me.


Good comms, Daniel :grinning:


Hi Dan, somebody will take a look into this. Your feedback is much appreciated :+1: