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@Joe_Merriman you need a mini mortgage for that. :wink: Anyone in particular your looking at.

✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals
✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals

They are so expensive now. Standard build 13” I think. Mines three years old and now and needs replacing.


Mines 15 and 2012 and would cost a fortunate to replace and its non retina.


Mine is a 2013 MacBook Pro 13 Retina and it’s still working perfectly.

I paid £1449 for it in 2013, and all of the recycling web sites are now offering at least £400 for it (Apple Store Trade In). If I were to sell direct to someone, it would likely attract £500.

That means it has retained just under 35% of its value after 4 years. That is rather incredible for a consumer tech product with an expired warranty.

It certainly takes the sting out of the high purchase price (slightly!).


I’m waiting, desperately hoping Apple will release an updated Mac mini; mines the 2013 model and I’d really like to upgrade it to a brand new one.


what recycling websites are you using? I am curious, I wasn’t aware Apple Store did a trade in, this is good to know when upgrading my old Macbook Air.


You can trade in with Apple either online or in store.

There are many recycling web sites as well…

Alternatively, just search Google for “Sell Mac”. There are many options. :slight_smile:


I would also be interested for a 2 year old Surface Pro 4, i7.


thanks, very useful to know


I’ve been luckily enough to have two understanding parents who have released some early inheritance to me so that I can get an iMac as I had mine stolen from a computer shop whilst it was in for repair. lol

I’m now the proud owner of a 27" 5K iMac :star_struck:


I have 2 MacBook Pro’s one is a 13" i3 with 8GB ram circa 2011 I think and the other is a 13" i5 8GB 2015 (will update later)


Won’t the shop get you a new one though?


It was a 2010 iMac so I got “what its worth” back from them plus all the fees I had spent getting it fixed.

Unfortunately bills and and kids swallowed that up pretty sharpish! haha


I still have an old 2012 (I think) MacBook Pro. I’ve kept hold of it because it’s one of the last models where you can still replace the HDD (something I’ve had to do twice), RAM, Battery (with some work), etc. I recently (last year) was able to rescue it by replacing the combined SATA, Power, IR and LED cable (seriously, who does that!?!)

I got it at the Education rate when I worked at a sixth form college.

It’s running macOS 10.12 Sierra, I haven’t actually checked to see if it will run macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

I used to love Apple products. On my Computing degree course I was the only person with a Mac (an iBook G4) and had the first iPhone and successive models up to the iPhone 5. Back in those days an iBook was very reasonably priced compared to similarly spec’d laptops.

But in recent years I feel Apple has lost their way a bit, I switched to an Android phone and haven’t changed back since and I keep wondering if my MacBook did die, can I justify the money to replace it? There are some very compelling alternatives that a similarly or much better priced.

I guess my question is to my fellow MacBook lovers is what makes you keep buying them other than habit?

I think one thing where Apple excel is their of their product line and how they all talk together. I’m a bit jealous of the whole iPhone and Apple Watch with Cellular integration right now! I’m on the EE Annual Upgrade so if you guys can convince me, I might have to try an iPhone for a year!


The MacBook Pro from 2010 upwards can run high serrria. So if your MacBook Pro is 2012 like mine it will run high serria. As for phones only you can decide what you want. I think that I like the Apple eco system as it just works. I do agree Mac’s have got affordable from my PowerBook g4 to mini mortgages with the top rated MacBook Pro beefed out at £3,500.00


MacOS, I’m not a big lover of Windows 10. Also finding a desktop computer as compact, quiet and good looking as a Mac mini.


One reason… macOS


Same, MacOS.


High Sierra has certain drawbacks. Take a careful look and think about what you do before upgrading.
1 If you have an SSD installed it will use APF not HFS+ file systems. If like me you have multiple macs and iphones and a NAS but also many external HDDs then there are potential problems. Also disk utillity in HS is not working correctly and there are other aspects of what used to be Mac OS X which either don’t work or don’t work correctly i.e. Superdrives mine is seen but does not work and its NOT the hardware. I have to use an USB external CD/DVD write re-writer. Apple if it was paying more attention to due dilligence would not have released an OS which was compromised by the “macOS High Sierra flaw unlocks App Store System Preferences with any password, fixed in latest beta” and other serious flaws Spectre and Homekit to name but two.


I found on my old mac I had to revert back to moubtain lion to partition an SSD to go into to replace my old harddrive then upgrade to high sierra. But did convert to APTF with no issues myself.