Apple Event


I’ve created this Topic in preparation for the imminent Apple event to be announced… rumours say September 12. I am most looking forward to the launch of the new iPhone & iOS 11.


I’ve heard that date also :eyes:
Starling to plan my work week so I’m not busy for the start of it and can have my yearly Apple film fest - last year watched in a 350+ lecture theatre all to myself :joy:


The wife goes out when I put it on the Apple TV :popcorn: I bet that was awesome.


I’ve always loved watching the keynote for new iPhone. Must Steve jobs had such a thing compared to Tim Cook.


Steve was a ledge! Hope the new iPhone is fully waterproof and has wireless charging capabilities.



4K projector with 30 Bose speaker surround system … not bad :wink:


Now that’s what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


Christmas I book it out for a week and watch films :movie_camera: - if anybody from work is here, I am testing the audio and visual for a week :wink:


Hi [quote=“walderston, post:6, topic:1367, full:true”]
4K projector with 30 Bose speaker surround system … not bad

All that in the new iPhone? Blimey :flushed::+1:


Might have to purchase my first ever iPhone! (It won’t be the 8 - it will be the 7s)/…


Do it, you won’t regret it. Not long to wait now


If the rumours i’ve heard are correct, then it’ll probably be iPhone 7s & 7s Plus. Also iPhone 8 or Pro depending on what they call it. In addition there may be a new generation watch. Expect the iPhone 8 to be in very short supply (according to supply chain rumours)


Well. I went from a Blackberry to Windows Phone (7, 8 & 10), so while I have had the most amazing cameras over the years, somewhat in the wilderness now!! My only saw point is the camera.


Glass back, and only available in three colours. Silver, Black and Gold.


The short supply rumour has been around since the launch of every iPhone. I’m expecting a price increase this year :see_no_evil:


Oh definitely, just shy of £1k for the smaller capacity model 8


I’m definitely getting a plus this time round. The extra battery life makes such a difference.


Prob be in line with the note 8 prices


I tried a Lumia for a while. It was not for me.


Indeed, although as most people generally have the phone in a case it is usually just a choice of a black or white front panel