App update addiction


Anyone else on here find themselves continuously going to the App Store or play store to check if Starling have rolled out any further enhancements?!
I just can’t get enough!

Not a moan in the slightest, if anything, it’s evidence of how well hooked you’ve got me on your product


I must admit I check for app updates constantly for all my apps I uses most. You gotta love a good update, even if it’s just big fixes :smile:


yup! get a little thrill when i see an update is ready :nerd_face:


You can use IFTTT to notify you when an update is released. :slight_smile:

There are other apps that do this as well.


The release cycle seems to be every Friday afternoon from past experience so probably not much point looking any other days!


I look on updates all the time for my apps your not the only one. The starling updates have been Friday last two weeks however before that were other days. As they said they didn’t like to release on a Friday.


I’m like this with all apps to be fair.

I turned off auto updates on the play store, so I can go read the release notes before downloading :nerd_face:


Every morning I check the store, getting a little excited when I see a starling update.

Waiting patiently for this android pay :tada: