App stopping


Morning… How are you all?

I’m just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the app closing? During the issues yesterday with the pin numbers I tried three times to send a message in app to customer service and it kept crashing. In the end I had to draft it in a notes app and copy and paste it quickly. It managed to send then.

When I couldn’t sleep last night I figured I’d try it again and it crashed every time. Is it likely to be my app needs resetting or is anyone else having this?


Does this only happen when trying to start a chat?


Good morning.

I don’t actually use the chat because I’m hella busy and can’t wait around, so I only use the regular message thing. Then I can reply when I have a moment.

I’ve just checked to see if it happens when replying also, or if it’s just the initial message and…

So it appears to be every time I’m writing a message to CS in app.


I’m going to get this looked into and sorted out so you can eventually send that message :wink:

Can you click on the ‘Send feedback’ button so that I can get our engineers to check the crash logs


I wondered if you’d be nosey and read my message! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Sure… I’ll just knock up another paragraph and click send feedback.


I appreciate it’s less than ideal but have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?


It’s called being thorough :joy:


@CPM has suggested the ol’ off and on again, a classic - would you mind checking if that helps?


I haven’t… Because first I was checking to see if it turned out to be something someone that Starling was aware of or something that would make dozens of people all pile in to share their own versions… But nope! Just me! :joy:

I’ll do it now. :+1::+1:


It’s ok… You can let your entire development team get back to what they were doing… It seems to be ok now. :+1::+1:

Although I did have a bit of a panic when it said that I was on a new device and needed my old one! I’m on the same device as when I opened my account. But an sms verification later and I’m up and running again. Go Starling!

Thanks everyone.


Glad it’s now working.


My first ever solution… Make me a Guru, Starling! :heart_eyes: