App slow to log in


I’ve been having an issue the last week where sometimes the app is slow to log in and I give up. It does the fingerprint bit then stays on the white loading screen. Nothing else is slow on my phone.

Anyone else?


I had this about 10 minutes ago, i killed the app and reloaded and was fine


Hi @BobStarling, if you haven’t already done so, can you please get in touch with us via the app (if it loads).

If not, here’s how to reach us -

If this is a bug, we’d like to fix it!


I’ve had this too for the last couple of days. Latest version of iOS, latest version of app. Thought it was my connection but it happens regardless of whether I’m on wifi or cellular at home or at work. As you say, killing the app and relaunching usually works.


I’ve experienced on occasions the app loading for a good few seconds longer than usual the last week or so. Not a big deal, if it continues I will report it via CS.


I’ve reported it to CS. Also on iOS 11.2.5. Wonder if that’s the issue? Just had to try 3 times to log in to send the report.


Having the same problem on ios 10. I think it could be a lag from the server.


Do get in touch if you’re experiencing issues with this - we can investigate further if needed!


I’m also having the same problem.

I will report it to CS.


I have this issue most of the time and the only way to fix it is too close the app and open again and it’s back to normal.

Uploaded a video of this for your benefit.


That’s it Kieran. Thanks for the video.


Same thing here on iOS too, sometimes it works, sometimes it just spins.


Hi all,

Sorry for the slow log in you’re experiencing, we are having a look at this today and hope to have a resolution soon.



This happens quite a lot since the Settle Up update if that helps. Never happened before.


First time I really noticed it was 17th of Feb. I remember it as I was getting petrol that day.


I noticed it seemed slower some days before that. When it loaded the graph showed an amount in $ before changing to £ a few seconds later! My phone region settings are UK and it not happened in any other apps.


Seems ok now. Did Starling change something?


Yes, it’s been fine for me today too.