App short cuts for card security features


Simple idea. Along with the current options when long pressing the Starling app icon could we have a select few security features. Card present would be a good one to have.


It would also be nice to have these shortcuts on iOS. At present the 3D Touch on iOS has “share starling” and that’s it. Curious why Starling have added this to Android and not iOS.


It’s part of the Android OS. Correct me if I’m wrong but iOS doesn’t have this feature.


A few more options would be nice.

I don’t use settle up, for those that do a quick click to access settle up would be handy. Revolut has a Request Money option.

There are lots of options they can use but its limited to 4, so they would have to use the options wisely.


we do have this feature on iOS, its called 3D touch.

Starling just haven’t implemented it into the iOS app.


Well I didn’t even realise this existed, so thanks for that @Christopher_Spackman :+1: As you say, a security option would be good, such as fully locking your card.


They are only shortcuts to the relevant part of an app, as its limited how many you could have, they should be used for what most people need to use them for.


The Google developer docs seem to say you can have up to 5 shortcuts, so definitely scope to add to the list.


Would love to be able to jump straight to my business or joint account using these shortcuts. Can we please have them on iOS?


I don’t know where I got the 4 from, probably reading the wrong doc lol


I really like this idea.

Account switching is certainly an area that needs some work.