App Parity for Android Users


Hello. At risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, and without wishing to dampen the joy currently being experienced by the Apple peeps, I wonder if you could give us poor, unloved Android users some crumbs of information as to when we might achieve parity with iOS. As I say, I am not being miserable or anything, and I know I might sound impatient, but today has been rather like being trapped on a commuter train, without access to food or drink, or a functioning lavatory, whilst watching a party going on in a field next to the train. Oh, and no aircon on the train. And someone eating a boiled sweet annoyingly next to me.

Come on, give us something. Please.


same here !! :slight_smile:


Hi @Itsjoebowler - you have my attention :wink:
It might feel like doom and gloom today – and with the sun shining outside while we’re sitting in a hot sticky office – I kind of like your commuter train analogy. Our goal by the end of August is to achieve feature parity between our apps. On Android I can promise Current Account Switching this month, we are in final testing and expect it to be rolled out in next weeks release :green_heart:. On iOS, the payments experience will be bought in line with Android with the new UX, payee images, contact integration and payee editing. We’re also committed to Android Pay. Make sure you hold us to it.

Oh, and Saving Goals is next up - and that will be released on iOS and Android at the same time, just as Spending Insights was.

Starling Bank offers Apple Pay

@sarah.guha Thank you!


Thanks. :slight_smile: All is sounding very good. I’m personally more excited about being able to switch on Android than by Android Pay; but maybe that’s just because I’m so used to carrying a small card wallet with both my work access card and my bank card inside that I always have my card?

I rarely use Android Pay with TSB in my day to day life.


That’s awesome, we can’t wait to have you :rofl:


Without Android Pay I won’t make my starling account my main account. I have the iOS version too on my iPad but obviously not so convient to use for paying!


It won’t be long :+1:


It will be here very soon, and it will be worth the wait