App no longer showing £ sign


Not sure if this is a common bug but since the last iOS update my app no longer shows the £ sign, instead showing GBP.

How can this be resolved?


I’m running iOS version 0.42.1 (last Friday’s update) on my iPhone, and version 0.41.0 on my iPad Pro and both are showing the £ symbol just fine.

Are your language settings set correctly? I’m sure they are. Settings > General > Language and Region. Mine look like this:


We’ve been making some improvements recently to better support customers who use their device in other languages - dates and numbers will start to format according to device settings. It’s particularly useful when entering numbers, for example payment typing amounts in countries where the major to minor currency separator is a comma instead of a dot because the numeric keyboard from the OS only shows the separator for your region.

We have found a few regions have some slightly unusual or unhelpful renderings of Sterling amounts though. I would be interested to know what your language / region settings are on the phone?