App inspiration


I thought it might be good to share inspiration from other apps (financial and other) to showcase the things they do well. There may be elements that could help develop the app, the experience and the product.

My first one is simple bank -

I like how they don’t overcomplicate things and in goals, rather than just set an amount, they work out how much you need to save each day and take it out for you. There’s nothing fancy about it but those little surprises would really add to the experience.


Checked out their website - some actually very cool ideas and UI isn’t half bad either!


Yes indeed. I must admit, I hadn’t associated US banking with innovation. Looks interesting.


@Graham By the look of this company, they are! This looks like it could be an interesting way to enhance goals functionality! They use IFTTT to create custom goal rules.


Yep. Worth watching for ideas…