App inconsistencies


I’ve noticed that there’s some inconsistencies throughout the app with buttons and tabs.

There are 4 button styles on the app.

  1. Green round button - transactions (yuk) and add new
  2. Curved blue button - used mainly on the app - seem oversized
  3. Square blue button - used on new goals
  4. Black outline button - on new payee page design and when paying

For tabs, the style used on payment (international etc) differs to the style used on the spending page. The payment tab version looks nicest.

I’m not sure if there is a reason for the various styles but it doesn’t feel right. On your website they are mainly purple, it seems like that colour and style would make sense.

Not sure if it’s an oversight or they are that way for a reason?


I’m not even mentioning the horrible green button lol.

I do think they do need to try and make things more consistent though, and probably easier to do so now, before they launch even more features with even more designs.


Thanks @Cragmireuk - all good points. I will have a look. Have a great day.


Here’s a selection of some of the different button styles in the app. It would be nice to have some consistency.