App icon change?



Following Monzos lead.

Any plans to have the choice of changing the app colour?

Only a simple thing but might make things a lot easier for some people. I know i have multiple accounts and being able to colour code with the card colour would checking this at a glance easier.

For example.
Change the icon to the new green/teal colour to be more in line with the new cards for personal accounts.

Be able to change this to Navy for the business accounts.

Another colour altogether if Starling mainly being used for joint accounts, whenever the card redesign is decided (Personally thinking a powder/baby blue would work well)



I do like the idea of custom app icons - But are you suggesting there would be different apps to differentiate the accounts?


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No not at all.
Just giving an example of how people could use the feature should it come about.

As shallow as it may seem, the features (that i use anyway) are the same on Monzo as they are on Starling the only difference to me is that Starling always seemed to look a little better and more user friendly so little things like this may not be all that useful to most but little touches like this can mean a lot to someone who likes to customise stuff to make it their own.


Just re-read that. Take a big breath before reading that. Grammar not my strongest suit… :roll_eyes:


Ohhhhhh - Sorry! I read that as you wanting to change the colour of the icon, and then have it only open a business account (So you’d have 2 apps - 1 X Teal for personal, and 1 X Navy for business).

Blame the heat!

Agree - I like custom app icons :smiley:

Maybe another colour for people with hats…


I do like the idea of custom icons. If it stays within the Starling brand then great.

It could be a low prority feature request but it’s a nice little added extra to the experience.


The possibilities are endless.


Yes, I’d like Starling to be exactly like Monzo too.


I’d just like to throw ideas out there to make sure it stays better than Monzo


Custom app icons aren’t a new thing.

It’s a cool, personal touch for some people - Seems to involve little effort from Starling, and adds a bit more personality.

There will always be comparisons with Monzo - But there are also 100’s of other apps that offer this.


Oh, I know. But the original post did open with:

I’m not sure how copying Monzo ensures Starling is better than it.

But yeah, customisable icons, crack on.


The ability to change an app’s icon arrived in iOS 10.3 in March 2017. Personally, this is something I see little point in and it would always be at the bottom of my list. I like to put my faith in the designer and stick with whatever icon they deem works best, it’s their job after all. Best to have consistency I say.

If this could be done without taking away time from anything else, then fine, but there are so many features, refinements and bug fixes that need to be done inside the app, before it’s even worth considering spending time to do something like this IMHO.


I don’t see the point personally. But some people like tinkering with things so for them it might be good.

It’s the app that is more important to me not the icon.


I reckon you’ve just made a whole bunch of friends in the development team. :grinning: