App frozen on pulse screen


Has anyone else found a problem when opening the app that it just freezes on the pulse screen?

It’s been happening to me sporadically for a week or two now. Usually closing and re-opening the app solves the problem but today it has happened three times already. Not a major issue but not sure if it’s just me.


No such problem



No problems here @dlucas85 are you using iOS or Android?

Maybe shoot a message to customer service in app who can take a look at this for you, or an email if it always freezes.

EDIT: Upon doing a quick search, I’ve found this from the iOS version 0.35.1 thread.

@sarah.guha @JamesPratley any idea on this or if this issue has been reported to CS before? Thanks. :slight_smile:


If frozen you could always contact Starling via the web page


Using iOS.

Sounds like it might just be me then. Cheers guys, will get in touch with support if it happens again.


I had this happen yesterday. ios 11.0.3 with iphone 6


Same here. So it’s not just me.


A little annoying but quitting the app and relaunching resolved it for now


Thanks all, we’ll take a look at this. @dlucas85 @Brian are you both on 0.36.0 build?
@dlucas85 what OS/device are you using?


Hi Sarah

Yes on the 0.36.0 build, using iPhone 6 with iOS 11.1


I’ve had this issue and managed to replicate if it helps?

My issue is with resting my finger on the home button when opening the app to activate TouchID before it prompts for TouchID.

The top bar stays black on not the normal white.

iPhone 5s
iOS 11.1


Yes, iphone 6, ios 11.0.3, app build 0.36.0. I only had it happen once yesterday.


Yeah I do that quite often too, especially as sometimes it takes a while for the app to load up. Good detective skills there. :+1:t3::male_detective:t2:

Strange that it doesn’t happen all the time though.


3 times in 3 days the app has frozen after opening. The app just completely freezes on the Pulse screen. I then have to force close the app and reopen, then it’s fine.

I’m all updated on the latest software and on an iPhone 6s.

Any ideas?


Make that 4 times in 4 days. Just tried to open the app again and the same thing, frozen on Pulse screen and refusing to do anything. I’ll have to force close the app and start again.

I’m getting a little tired of this. Is anyone else having these issues, or is it just me??

Any news from Starling on a possible cure?


Yep. Froze for me, too.


What device are you using?


Look 3 posts up :wink:


iPhone 6s. All fully updated with latest iOS and latest Starling updates etc.


Hopefully this’ll get sorted soon.