App Frozen on Home Screen


I opened Starling by choosing to view a notification from the lock screen of my iPhone, and now it is just frozen on the home screen. Can’t do anything with the app. Force quitting the app didn’t help.



Can you contact CS directly?



Hi @Sendu - sorry to hear you’re having an issue. Firstly, our notifications do at the moment only open the app and direct you to the home screen – and so that is expected behaviour. We have a task on our list to implement more useful deeplinking within our app soon.

Obviously the app shouldn’t have frozen though and so we want to get that sorted for you. You say force quitting hasn’t helped? Have you attempted that again since you posted? Still no luck?

One suggestion (and I know this isn’t a resolution necessarily) would be to uninstall the app and reinstall it. You’ll need your account password to log back on again to remember to take a mental note of it before you uninstall the app.

It is also worth contacting CS as @Graham says as they will be able to check your account so we can hopefully identify the source of the issue. One question I would ask is whether you have a business account as well as a personal account, or a personal account only?

Thanks - hopefully we can sort this out for you.



I had tried a few force quits, but after leaving it for a while, it now works.

Btw, I don’t know how to contact CS if the app doesn’t work. Am I supposed to use Twitter?!


Hi, Ok great well I am pleased you’ve been able to move past the frozen screen! To contact CS in app, tap on your profile image (or your profile placeholder image) on the homescreen and this will launch the main menu. You’ll see an option that says “Customer Service” - you can choose to contact them by live chat, message or phone.

I’m intrigued to know if you didn’t realise you could tap on your profile image on the top right of the homescreen?



Hi @sendu,

If you are unable to access Customer Service from inside the app, you can also reach us anytime using your mobile web browser. Just go to and in a few seconds you will see a purple chat bubble in the bottom right corner.



Hi Sarah, I know how to use in-app chat. I was asking how to contact CS when the app doesn’t work. Kris explained it; wasn’t aware of that before.


Ah ok - that’s good! :+1: sorry I missed your point in your first message.


Hi @sarah.guha, I have a quick question on this if you don’t mind me piggy-backing the thread?

I noticed recently on Android that tapping a notification takes you straight to the home screen, bypassing the system security - is that expected behaviour? It’s not a huge issue, but it is different behaviour to selecting the Starling app from the app drawer. When you do that with just the system security in place (ie no pin set through the app) it asks you for your pin/iris to login, but selecting a notification seems to bypass this security part?