App Crashing?


Morning all,

Is anyone else having issues with the latest Starling app on iOS?

Since Saturday, I’ve been unable to access my account - the Starling app updated on Friday night. Get as far as fingerprint log in screen then app just crashes. Have tried reinstalling but no success. Latest iOS software installed.

Starling don’t seem to be aware of any issues when I contacted them.


Probably no help but mine is working fine


Same as @Dave_Alderton - got the update on both iPhone and iPad, and all seems well. R-


When you say “crashing” does it close down or hang?


Closes down … app disappears and get taken back to home screen


Please can you try an uninstall and reinstall, and let me know if this continues? what iOS device and software version are you using?


Have you tried a fresh install of the Starling app?


Using iPhone 6s installed with iOS 11.4.1.

I’ve already deleted the Starling app and reinstalled twice but still same issue.

I’ve checked for further iOS updates but none. Also done a reboot of phone including hard reset.


Ok, thanks. @Callum please can you log this with the engineers.


Hi @SelvaWealth,

Sorry about this!

We’re aware of a crash affecting a very small number of iOS customers running the latest version of the app - I’ve had a look and you appear to be one of these.

Our engineers are on the case, but in the meantime we’re able to resolve this by making a small adjustment to your account so I’ll send you an e-mail shortly with more information :slight_smile:


Thanks Callum - seems to have resolved the issue with your help!!


Team work :raised_hands:t2: Nice one @Callum


My pleasure!

Glad to hear you’re back in. :smiley:

Give us a shout if there’s anything else we can help with!


Talking of teamwork, the Cal man seems to be doing his stuff like a boss, but the other 2/3 of the terrific trio; Jimmy Neutron and Logi Bear*, seem to have been a bit quiet! Maybe everyone’s just chilling after all the excitement of the card launch…

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Sorry @l8n_me,

I have been off for the last week and just back in this afternoon. Just catching up on all the fun from last week.

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