App asking to update from app store, but no update available



When trying to log into the Starling app shows message “Please update starling app” But there is no update available in the app store, so currently unable to check balance/send money.

Is there an update going to be released today?

I’m using iOS btw



Not seeing that issue here, I can log in no problem


I’ve just checked, Jamie, and I’m not seeing a Starling app update in the iOS store at the moment.


I’m having the same problem this morning. Keeps asking me to go to download the latest version. This means I can’t actually use the app at all!


I recall that this has happened once before and a server side fix was applied to resolve it.


Hi @Jamie_Sevenoaks. This screen sometimes appears when the WiFi network that you’re using is tracking your actions. We don’t allow for this with our app, so this screen appears. Could you just try disconnecting WiFi?

We’re looking in to making this clearer soon. :slight_smile:

Device limit reached

That does seem to have solved it. Works fine on my data connection, but it doesn’t like my work’s wifi!


So this is probably a proxy issue something like ZScaler, which does man in the middle by replacing SSL certificates.



I’ve had this issue frequently

What I have found is that if you shut down the app completely on the phone ie swipe the app picture up so it’s no longer active
Then reactivite the Starling app and you will find it disappears
I’m afraid that the app appears to hang ie not fully shuts down after use (on occasions when you think you have come out of Starling app)

Try it and see what happens


Hello, yes that seemed to be it. Currently in a hotel, must be using a proxy or something. Thank you


I had this very often when using a vpn on my phone (ios) disabled vpn and it was fine


It must only be specific types of VPN. My iPhone is often connected to my work VPN (IKEv2) and I haven’t had any issues with the Starling app.


Just logged into my VPN to check and see what happens

Unfortunately no issue

Everything works as normal