API and Marketplace Pricing


Hi all,

My colleagues and I are developing an app and we have some doubts about Starling’s APIs:

  • Once our App starts running and we have open banking agreement is it free to register into the Marketplace?
  • Is there any fee for using Starling’s APIs? I mean we weren’t able to find them in open banking platform, so we weren’t sure if it is free or not. And right now our app is still in sandbox environment.

Thank you all :smile:


I’ll let someone more qualified than me answer this but my understanding is that there is no relation between Open Banking, the Starling Marketplace and Starling’s APIs. That said, I would imagine most if not all Marketplace providers will use Starling’s APIs in some way.


@StarlingSupport can you answer this question? thank you


This one is best for our developers via slack :point_right: https://developer.starlingbank.com/community


I don’t think this is a Developer question. The OP is asking about fees for using APIs and appearing in the Marketplace. It’s a commercial query, not a technical one.


I think @Megan_Caywood would be best-selling to answer this for you.


hi @fer94, good questions, so our API is always free to use, you can apply for an upgrade and after some due diligence checks we will grant you live access to the APIs you require. If you are registered as an AISP or PISP under Open Banking then we can skip these due diligence checks and grant you access straight away! Our API is not officially Open Banking compliant but we did build it with Open Banking guidelines in mind and hope to get it approved soon. :grin:

In terms of being a partner in the Starling Marketplace, we would need a contract and commercial terms to be in place. Once you have API access and are up and running then this is something we would talk to you directly about.
Hope this answers your questions, let me know if anything is not clear!

What permissions do Marketplace apps get?

Thank you so much :smile: