Anyone used


Hi. Has anyone got any experience of using for cashback at certain retailers when you register a mastercard credit card? I have just manage to register my Starling debit card with no problems…the chat support on the myice webpage suggested I give it a try and see what happens!

Looking at the site its a bit like Quidco?

Any insight??


Ice was promoted heavily a few years ago by SSE (Southern Electric) and members of that group, however it never really picked up. It offers nothing majorly different to what is already out there and more established.

The Ice with Mastercard program is only good if you use it in the pubs and restaurants, for online purchases you get substantially more cashback from Topcashback and equivalent.

Personally I’ve never used Ice since the initial launch although I kept up with developments, it’s just never had anything specific about it, that made it good.

The only thing it has going for it, is it claims to only deal with ethical retailers, that claim bothers me though, because it is basing that only in what information they are given not on facts.

So unless you eat and drink out in major chain pubs or restaurants it has no real benefits, spend £3 on a Gourmet card etc and just get 50% of your bill instead of collecting points.