Whether or not Android or iPhone ecosystem users who uses such endpoint solutions (e.g. Sophos endpoint for home use (free)). I have both but I only have the Starling app on my iPhone (and nothing like above) though I do have my home network and NAS server covered by ClamXav and Malwarebyts. I also use a VPN and private browsing at least some of the time. I control what cookies are stored on devices and use no script plugins. Starling works well on my phone but I wonder what the experience of other users is.


I use Android and I’m incredibly careful on what I install and where from.

I have a Huawei phone; one of the little mods inbuilt into the default EMUI ROM is the inclusion of Avast into the phone manager app. I also have a VPN app for the small amount of times I’ll use public WiFi on my phone too.

As for my Mac, I am also careful of what I install and where from. I find antivirus products for Mac to be very unoptimised and slows the system to a crawl.


Interesting. I’d not thought of using a VPN for public wifi. Which one do you use / is it a paid service?


I use Hotspot Shield; I managed to purchase a lifetime account for a very reasonable price a few years back.

Hotspot Shield are OK, nothing special. I think if I was paying monthly I’d use Proton VPN as I’m a ProtonMail customer already. :slight_smile:


I use Norton VPN on my Android


I have a Mikrotik hAP ac which routes my Vodafone VDSL connection via an Andrews and Arnold L2TP service. The hAP ac is also acting as a firewall and VPN server.

All of my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) route traffic via the VPN.

As for endpoint security, I use BitDefender (where supported).


I use Kaspersky on my Android, despite the whole news about Russian software and government departments avoiding it, it works well, comes with a VPN and doesn’t slow anything down, includes the ability to wipe your phone and find your phone etc.


Yes. Kaspersky is a great range of products and I have used them and introduced them in firms I have worked before. The only other of similar reliability and ease of use is Norton.


Well, in the face of so much trust, I am rather sorry to be so damning, but it is not in my character to be shy or decietful, so I will tell as I find. Mac OS even now is largely immune. It is Unix after all when all is said and done and all the over blown American hyperbole is put to one side ClamXav is the only mediator that was genuinly crafted for the OS. It imposes very little load on the OS ans is very trustworthy. On a daily basis I download GB of files from Chinese websites because my ‘thing’ is watching Japanese dorama , South Korean dramsa, Tiwanese Drama, anime etc. There are many anoyances in doing this but nothing significantly compromising (if you know what you are doing) at the same time it is quite possible to download windows vulnerable junk. That is why I hav AV, that is why I run daily local backups, unlikw the vast majority of computer/smartphone users. If one of my hard weare items goes belly up I can be up and running again in minutes. From personal experience, and of course if yours has been good, then that’s great., but both Norton and Kaspersky are useless They are significant only in how much they infiltrate the system with useless garbage and slow it down. Mac users, you might as well install crap-ware for all the good it does. Please, stop being Apple fanboys and learn something: grow up!