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Just thought I’d bump widgets up again. Love this idea! But I’m on android. All the thread titles have iOS.

Anyway…I only need something simple with a balance. I’m assuming that, once DDs from a goal is available, quite a few people will be getting paid and immediately transferring their bills out of the main account and into a pot, thus leaving the spending money. So a balance widget would be useful just to see how much is left. I wouldn’t be too worried about bills and transactions because I’ve accounted for them, so if I had any concerns I could just log in and check them. But a quick glance to see what’s available would be splendid.

I got bored at work and made this…! (Not while driving a train!)

I know, as with everything, you will have many customers wanting many different versions, and it is with some guilt that I look like I’m ignoring all other suggestions and ploughing on with this, :smiling_imp:but I’m sure you’ll be able come up with more widget options and something that suits as many people as you can. I’m just sticking my oar in.

Love the goals!

(I totally doctored my balance to look like I’m richer ! :joy::joy:)

Starling Widget
Starling Widget

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