Android v iPhone


Nothing to do with outages…
Any wisdom around regarding the relative security of mobile banking with these two devices?


I would say that rooting a device is a big no. In fact I don’t think you can install the app if your device is rooted.

iOS is generally considered to be very secure (provided you install the OS updates in timely fashion).

Android is also secure with caveats IMHO.

  1. Make sure you choose a device that get’s timely security updates. (This can be an issue with Android).
  2. Only install apps from Google Play (unless you ultimately trust a side loaded app).
  3. Question why an app needs the permissions it requests and be prepared to challenge that or uninstall the app if not satisfied.

This is obviously very general advice. It pays to educate yourself about good online security.


This was my take as well. I’ve been Android for some considerable time and always dabbled in rooting the device (can’t help it).

Transferred to iPhone when I came over to Starling. Instinctively feels more secure…


I’ve never owned an android phone, I’ve used my mates and they’re so laggy and clunky compared to iOS - just my opinion. I couldn’t ever see myself switching.


I’m assuming was older android/phone. My old s4 was laggy to hell and s6 but since I’ve had my s7 it’s been proper on the spot.

Prior to swapping to the Samsung s7 I was an iOS user and actually paid to cancel contract early due to me not liking the operating system.


Even pure android is no way near as smooth as iOS, I love my iPhone 7


Everyone has favourites I guess and nothing wrong with that :wink:

I guess I like to play around too much with rooting, last jailbreak I done on 4s bricked device to a point I needed Apple to fix (which I never of course, went in the bin) was a little gutted


I got quite adept at rooting various Android phones but never quite got to grips with jailbreaking my dusty old iPhone 5. So didn’t bother.

Throwing my lot in with Starling has made me stop and get a bit responsible as far as my mobile device is concerned. Must get around to growing up…


Has anyone found an elegant solution to having dual-sim capability on the iPhone please?


The only way I could think of doing it, and probably not what you would call elegant, is to have a number with a VoIP Provider and then run a VoIP Client app on your phone.

I did this with my old mobile number which I’ve had since I was 18. I changed jobs and a few other things in my personal life so I thought then was a good time to change my number but I still wanted the old number to work in case there was a few people I’d missed when letting people know. That number now resides on our VoIP Platform at work and is routed to variety of SIP Handsets, a SIP-capable SIM Card which I have in a dual-SIM Wileyfox Android phone, and the ZoIPer app on my test iPhone.

There was some ambiguity in the Ofcom regulations about porting a Mobile number to a SIP service but as long as the number is being sent to a mobile device, alongside other devices, then it appears that Ofcom will accept that. This has allowed portability of mobile numbers to other carriers. This of course doesn’t apply if you were just to get a geographic number.

Text messages is a bit of an issue at the moment as a lot of the VoIP apps just deal with voice, but there’s other ways to get SMS functionality, maybe just not directly to the phone.

I suppose other options would include Skype, etc. Google Voice would probably a compelling service to look at but it’s still US only as far as I am aware.

Other than that, apart from Call Forwarding, which would only work for incoming, I can’t think of much else right now. I think more OTT services will be available soon.


Thanks @Chalky, I just knew this wouldn’t be easy.

Call forwarding it is…:grinning:


Well the simple answer is buy a OnePlus 5 or Wileyfox :stuck_out_tongue:


If I notice something come up, I’ll let you know! The telecoms industry is definitely shifting, mostly kicking and screaming, but as VoIP becomes more proliferate I’m hoping for a lot more. I certainly hate having to deal with old ISDN and PSTN lines at work! They’ll be a big push soon as ISDN is supposed to be turned off in 2025 (although BT keep pushing it back) so I expect to see a lot of Unified Communication and convergence and I think the mobile phone will play a big part in that.

Watch this space!


This is what I do. Groundwire as the iOS SIP client and Gradwell as the VoIP provider. Gradwell, based in Bath, is truly excellent. I’d recommend them.

I think it’s quite an elegant solution and Gradwell accepts incoming SMS from what I recall (would need to verify)


Thanks chaps.:+1:


8 Plus ordered collecting Thursday!


love my 8+
coming from the 6s+, it is a massive improvement


Love my 8 Plus


So who’s ordered the iPhone X - huge preorders apparently.


A delayed Store opening and the iPad app crashing at checkout made the experience even more memorable. :neutral_face:


So, I’ve sold my old Surface Pro on eBay, and I’m going to get an iPhone 8 Plus (I think…!). Not sure if the X is worth the aggro.