Android: Unable to save statement directly to device


I’d mentioned this briefly in another post, but thought I’d add a topic to make it more visible.

Basically, I am unable to save either a CSV or PDF statement direct to my device. All the options that appear seem to be to share with other apps, be it Outlook, WhatsApp, OneDrive, OneNote, Google Drive etc. I’m sure I used to be able to save direct to my device? Anyone else experiencing similar?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 8.0.


I can’t save them either.

Android 8.1 Huawei P20 Pro


As I mentioned in the other thread, I can see that option. It may be device specific but I suspect it’s to do with what applications you have installed.

Try installing the free FX File Manager app from Google Play then try again. It should give you the “Save as…” option.


I have managed to get a CSV formatted file into Numbers (iPhone 5s). PDF ended up in SNIPS, but I’ve no idea where to find that on the phone. Be interesting to see if the FX Manager fixes it for you @dave. R-


I have no intention of downloading another program to my phone, it used to work fine, so it’s not to do with not having a file manager on my phone, as nothing has changed on my phone.


As @daedal says, I’m loathe to install a 3rd party app just so I can save a statement off. It seems like a bit of a kludge. I’m positive it used to work for me, as I found a statement I’d previously saved (albeit from quite a while ago).


I add them to Google Drive due to the lack of options. At least they are then available to print from my laptop. (I know printing from phones is a thing but it’s unreliable)


I use Dropbox and I don’t ever remember seeing an option on the two Android devices I’ve used Starling with to directly save to the device?


I used to be able to save them to my Android device, but no longer can.

The only way I can do it is if I select one of the file manager applications I have installed, which shows local storage as an option. It’s far from ideal and shouldn’t require a 3rd party app just to save the statement.


I just use the inbuilt Samsung file manager, and this doesn’t show up in the list of apps I can share with unfortunately.


Yeah, that’s the issue. The native saving isn’t there, so is requiring a fudge of installing a 3rd party app just to save a bank statement.


@dave @daedal I’m not suggesting installing another app should necessarily be your permanent fix, only that it would be useful to try that and see if you then get the option.


I installed a file explorer I used to use (Solid Explorer), and am able to share the statement with that. So as you say, that’s a temporary work around while they (hopefully) fix the app up.


If it used to work natively then I guess Starling must have changed something but it’s actually a common practice on Android. Each app does its thing but for anything outside the scope of the app, it hands off to whatever other app(s) you have installed. For example, if you take a photo and want to share it to social media, the Google Camera app doesn’t include custom methods for sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It fires off an “Intent” and the Android OS presents you with all the options for sharing the pic.


That is very true, but the very nature of phones is they all have a native file app installed as standard. You used to be able to download a statement directly, you can’t now without installing something else.


I guess I’d argue that being able to view a statement without the need for a 3rd party app should be within scope.


Whilst there are a number of 3rd party links available to save the statement to, it does seem reasonable to look at saving direct to the Phone.

@LoganAllan - acknowledging that this is nicety and unlikely to overtake features currently on the Roadmap, might it get a place on the ever-growing list of ‘things it would be nice to have when it can be fitted in’ please? :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess my main bugbear is that they have a disclaimer on-screen saying that once you export the statement, you are responsible for it, and then they force you to use a 3rd party app. If I didn’t install a 3rd party file manager, it pretty much limits me to sharing it to a cloud service, and then downloading it from there. From a security standpoint, I’d rather not involve cloud services purely to be able to get hold of my statement. So for me, it’s probably more than a nicety.


It was a thing we had, its now gone, so not sure what you mean by a nice to have ?


Only inasmuch as I don’t recall ever having a direct save option. I agree it’s a good idea.

If it’s always been a feature on Android, then, of course, getting it back would be right.

Out of interest, does a directly saved document print correctly?