Android ROMs


I have a One plus One, great phone but no longer getting updates since Cyanogen OS folded. I am contemplating putting Lineage OS on the phone, Cyanogen’s successor, it would not be rooted. I read the bit in the FAQ about ROMs and rooting but the link to security only mentioned rooting which is understandable. I have run ROMs with banking apps before without any problems but since this is going to be my main bank would welcome any feedback. I have my Starling account working fine on Cyanogen but am delaying moving my main account over.


Are you asking whether the Starling Android APK file (standalone installer) is available to download? If so as far as I am aware no, you have to have Google Play and Google Play Services on your handset, as well as it being a non rooted handset for you to be able to download the Starling app.


Thanks, I was just asking if non rooted Lineage OS would cause any problems running Starling App. An APK for Starling would be great but I can understand why that would be extremely unlikely. Personally I don’t think there will be a problem but it would be good if someone was already doing it and could confirm it worked OK.


A google of “starling bank APK” did bring results…that’s all I will say… :confused:


Recent facts were revealed ( stats on the OSs) Android v iOS - The most up-to-date iOS version (iPhone not iPad) is 11.2,2 soon to bee 11.2.5 to kill the vulnerability which Apple overlooked (is this becoming a habit Apple?). Apple is a bit coy in releasing stats because many have chosen NOT to upgrade to this infamous version . for a variety of reasons, never-the-less Apple claims 65% take up of the upgrade - meaning the OS is up-to-date- as of January 2018. However, when it comes to Android we see a different picture. Less than 0.7% of all devices are running the most recent OS - the most secure version. So, of those not running Oreo, others are running Marshmallow, a 2015 version no less, the remainder of devices (non routed are all running firmware 2 - 3 years old and lagging in any effective security. So is your issue cost (Android devotees, or ideology?) Apple is a long way form perfect and, like most things American, overhyped, but as Churchill said of the UK Parliament it may fall far short of imperfection but it is the best we have got. Banking on your phone in theis revolutionary age when almost anything goes, is your choice (some would say right) but its really like the old days - you pays your money and you takes your choice: do your homework properly first!


The problem with Android is the fractured nature of it’s distribution via numerous OEMs who skin the vanilla version with their own “improvements” . As with Apple there is no incentive to continually update older versions as they want to sell you the latest, more expensive version. The biggest problem with Android is getting security issues patched , Google release fixes quickly but as OEMs have to test on their own versions they are slow to reach the end users. The issue is not how new the OS is but how secure it is, they are not necessarily connected.