Android Release 0.49.0


Evening Community!

We’ve got an Android release going out this evening with a few fixes and changes including:

  • You’ll now be able to choose which one account you want to pay from when you get Settle Up requests when connecting to partners on Marketplace if you have more than one account.
  • We’ve changed the explanation about Mobile Wallet limits on the card screen to make it easier to understand.
  • A few other bug fixes.

Android 0.49.0 - Choose which account to settle up from / connect to marketplace

Looks like we have a new Android release:



Thursday treat!


A super small but super important feature there; being able to easily select which account to use settle up from and which to sign up to marketplace items is a must.


Aren’t these releases usually accompanied by an official announcement on here?


Ugly horrible green button still there I see, so a pointless release again.


I tried to make it sound as official as I could Dan :wink:


You did a superb job @dave :smiley:


It would be nice to know what is happening with the button situation. Is this just it now or are they even considering bringing back swipe?


I would assume us on Android are going to have to put up with it, unless we decide to buy an iPhone.

Doesn’t mean that I’m ever going to get used to it though.


You should have just added this to @dave’s thread, he got in there first! :slight_smile:


Annoying that overwhelmingly negative feedback about the UX change has been ignored. :confused:


I think its more of a case of they don’t want to admit the change isn’t welcome, and hoping we all get used to it. I think its past the stage of them backing down, after all so many new customers have come on board that are now used to the green button so know no difference.


Has it been ignored though? It just seems to have become some sort of running joke even with starling staff.


Well, by ignored I mean they have refused to reintroduce it. A poll on here when the change occurred shower over 90% of people preferred the swipe.


Bit slow off the mark there @Harry. I even gave you a 2 hour head start :wink:


If you’ve got a few spare minutes it’s probably worth listening to the 25 July podcast. They make reference to the differences in UX between iOS and Android in respect of making the transaction feed more visible. I interpreted what was said that you’re kinda lumbered with the green button. Sorry.


They kept the swipe in iOS and adapted that, they could have adapted the one in Android, its an excuse to blame UX differences, because the swipe was the same in both.


Thanks, I’ll have to have a listen!


They indicated they tried to replicate the iOS implementation on Android but the result didn’t work well apparently (they didn’t explain why).