Android Release 0.45.1


The latest Android release is now rolling out in the Play Store.

Lot’s of new things for you all including:

  • You can now add notes and attachments to all your transactions: jot down reminders, add images of receipts or attach a photo of Dave at dinner.
  • Want to check on that refund? Transaction search helps you find retailers, people, Goals and references more easily.
  • New toggle alert! Use Card Control to block payments at betting and gambling merchants.
  • Finally, as usual, we’ve been waging war on bugs.


I’m eagerly awaiting the new version to become available! @Harry, do you know if it’s being rolled out to all users or is it in batches?


@danmullen - The update is showing for me now, although I had to manually refresh the update list on the Play store


Nice update! I like the notes option and Transaction search. The gambling sites toggle is actually just as useful for customers without a soft spot for placing a bet. As a non-gambler if my card is used at a gambling site it means it’s been stolen or cloned. So I’ve blocked it using the toggle for security. Nice work Starling!


Yes, a manual refresh made it available for me too :+1:t2:

I like the notes and attachments feature. Nice touch that notes are also searchable :slight_smile:

Speaking of search, it’s a really good, simple way to locate a transaction. What would be a nice improvement is the ability to limit the time period and also to display an overall total for that period at the top. Even without the time period limitation, it would be nice to see a total at the top for all items in the search results, not just a per day total.

Search Transactions

Nice that you can add notes and receipts etc.

Shame about not listening to feedback regarding bringing back swipe, but I don’t think many of us expected that to come back.

I don’t gamble so don’t really have a need for a toggle in app. Which I personally see as rather pointless.

Search feature is a good addition, should make tracking things so much easier.


Just see the toggle as an extra layer of security. If you never ever gamble, toggle it off.


As the gambling toggle is based on transaction codes, there’s huge scope to expand this further down the line. I’m currently counting calories - could be an option to limit how much I spend on “eating out” each month :smile:


Can we have a toggle for cider and sweets?


Search works well, took me a while to find it, thought it might replace the transaction button. Works very well with notes too and even picks up emojis. The gambling toggle isn’t great. Too easy to disable and not much of a deterrent at all.


I presume the gambling thing can be beaten by paying with PayPal?


I just toggled the gambling restriction on and off to see what it looked like. I hope this hasn’t left a permanent footprint on my account indicating I may have gambling addiction! :hushed:


Very good update!


Agree :sob:


Come on everyone, it takes time to update software. I’m sure they’ll bring it back at some point.


Shame it hasn’t fixed the bug of toggling between accounts. In fact it has made the problem worse: I’m now completely unable to use the app at all.


Have page transactions got slower or is it just me? The payees page doesn’t look great with the slow transition.

#19 is now available in the Play Store. A quick bug fix I’m guessing (like last time) but there are no update notes.

Can @sarah.guha reveal what’s changed please?


Great new features, well done. When sharing a transaction and attachment to Google Drive the result is just a load of random plain text,

Is anyone else able to attempt it and see if they have better luck?

Would there be a possibility to have some way of telling which transactions have notes or attachments, would integration with the likes of Google drive be something fro the future?


If I share to Drive it doesn’t do a thing. Sharing to Gmail does show the note followed by transaction info.