Android Release 0.43.0





Some hamburger menus on iOS apps but not many. More bottom bar navigation.

Swipe up from bottom for iOS control centre and swipe down from top for notification screen. Familiar gestures :+1:


I think this has become just a point of principle for some. Because they liked the swipe, they want it back, and are a bit miffed that Starling aren’t listening.

I just fail to see why it’s deserving of so much time and space on this forum. A vote was needed to highlight the general feeling to Starling. I get that. But surely enough is enough. More discussion will not make more of a difference. Because Starling aren’t in the discussion.


Starling saying yes or no would be nice or people will continue to just hope there’s a chance it’s coming back and the comments about it will never end.


Given there’s a community and Starling actively encourage feedback, it’s disappointing that there has been little official word on this. An overwhelmingly large majority made it known that they much preferred the original UX. It would be nice to have that feedback at least acknowledged in one way or another.


Exactly this… The same with the other “thing” I’ve been mentioning CONSTANTLY since October… They’ve now openly said they’re not doing it so that’s that…

It would be nice for that here too. Are they bringing it back, considering bringing it back or not bringing it back?

Simple multiple choice that my gut tells me they already really know the answer to. :thinking:


Free Starling socks for all community members who never mention swipes, roundups, or direct debits from goals? That is an important issue, you’re right to mention it CONSTANTLY.


But Starling were in the discussion

But alas, one month on, and…


So I think until a definitive answer comes back, this will rumble on.


Any news on the return of the swipe?